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Creating a web site without doing effective web site marketing, can be as frustrating as trying to drive a car without tires on the wheels. Slow going. That's why Media Mall will continue to offer insights, tools and opportunities that can help you market your web site. Please check out the three short articles below:


Our Favorite Kind of Web Site Marketing
is Opt-In Email Marketing


At ComBridges, we help clients to build relationships with their customers and constituencies with opt-in email newsletters; and the tool that we use to create these marketing campaigns is Constant Contact. Sometimes we write and design these newsletters for our clients; but other times, we set up the templates and the clients learn to use this powerful form of web site marketing by themselves. That's because with Constant Contact, it's very easy to create and send eye-catching HTML email marketing campaigns. And, with this tool, these web site marketing "missles" also automatically include an text email version for anyone who doesn't read the more eye-catching HTML emails (yet).

And, you don't need to write a bit of HTML code to use Constant Contact! You just collect email addresses from your web site visitors with a "join my list" signup on your web site (and that form is also included with the service). Or, you can import your in-house permission-based names.

Then, using one of the 50 professional-looking templates, you can easily create and send compelling email newsletters, promotions and announcements in order to keep visitors to your web site coming back. Our recommendation is that you lead with valuable content which is the best form of web site marketing because that's what builds relationships. In any case, Constant Contact is also extremely affordable. You can try it for 60 days for free, and you can send all the emails you want starting at only $10/month.


Click here to explore Constant Contact for FREE and learn how easy it is to use this form of
web site marketing

Or, learn more by visiting our Email Newsletters page

Search Engine Positioning is the Purest Form
on Web Site Marketing


Getting your web site well-positioned with the search engines is perhaps the most important marketing challenge that you face once you've launched a web site. But, don't be fooled by the spammer scams promising all kinds of search engine positioning for free (or for next to nothing). And unless you have very deep pockets, don't waste your money on firms that you will need to pay thousands of dollars for a service that you learn to do for yourself.

But, we won't mislead you either. Learning search engine positioning (or optimization) takes some study. The good news is that there's a software tool that we can recommend because we know it and use it. It's called WebPosition Gold (PC). While our Search Engine Positioning page can offer you more resources to learn about this subject, if you are serious, perhaps the fastest and most thorough way to learn is with all of the educational components that are built into this professional-level software package. Their web site offers all kinds of reviews and much more details. Bottom line, this software works and offers one of the most effective and reasonably-priced ways that we know to give your web site a meaningful marketing boost. Check it out...


Click here to learn more about the software we recommend for search engine optimization as marketing tool for your web site

Or, get more insights & resources by visiting our Search Engine Positioning page




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