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As it says in the upper left hand corner of every page, Media Mall is "brought to you by" custom web site designer, ComBridges. And, no coincidence, ComBridges offers web site design services for small businesses and online marketing services (like search engine optimization and email newsletters). So, it should come as no surprise that there's a page here about web site design services; however, that doesn't mean that it's not worth the time to check us out, as well as the other recommendations below. ;)


ComBridges: Defining the Small Business Niche for Web Site Design Services


ComBridges has trived while (unfortunately) other web site design companies have struggled because of our focus on small businesses, turnkey packages of technical, marketing and creative services, and because of our professional, results-oriented approach.

The ComBridges team is led by Jon Leland, who has more than twenty years of experience as an award-winning creative services professional. As a result of Jon's leadership combined with the extensive web site design and production expertise of the ComBridges team, we offer complete web site design & development packages that include options for an search engine optimization, email newsletters, writing, Flash animations, database driven pages and virtual webmaster services (for hosting and on-going web site services) and more.

Bottom line, ComBridges produces custom-designed web sites with the quality and professionalism that you want. And, we will deliver your web site with all of the turnkey services that you need—at a price you can afford—all without any of the technical headaches.


Visit now in order to view a portfolio of web sites, read testimonials and learn more about our web design services

How an Email Newsletter Might Serve You Even Better Than a Web Site Design


offers turnkey web site services including email newsletters and search engine optimization (SEO) because we recognize that a successful web presence requires successful relationship-building—a key component of any successful business.

The only trouble with web sites is that they require people to visit them. If you are a writer (or willing to learn) and especially if you have a list of email addresses of people with whom you already have some form of relationship, then an email newsletter may be even more valuable than a new web site design. Why? Because an email newsletter goes to them. They don't have to come to it. (And, remember, we are talking about subscribers with whom you have some kind of relationship, so that they "opt-in." We are totally against spam or unsolicited email.)

The service that we recommend to our clients is Constant Contact. In addition to designing templates and integrating subscription forms and helping with the import of email address lists for clients, we have taught them to run their email newsletters. That's how easy Constant Contact is to use, plus they include statistical reports and many more features that are only available (to our knowledge) from services that cost much more.


Check Out the FREE Trial of Constant Contact


Atomic Shops: The Beginner's Low Cost Business Web Site Design System


Unfortunately, even at our reasonable prices, not everyone can afford a custom-designed web site by ComBridges. If you are looking for a template-driven system based on an online do-it-yourself model, Atomic Shops might be your short cut solution for web site design services.

Small Business Websites In Just 5 Minutes!

Features include:

  • 1 Personalized Domain
  • 500 Pages
  • 5 e-Mail Accounts
  • 1500+ Template Choices
  • 2000+ Stock Photos and Images
  • 500 Photo Album
  • Customer Feedback Forms
  • Customer Newsletters
  • + More

Best Easy Business Website Builder
Bottom line, this online web site design service is easy to use, inexpensive, and powerful. The low $19.95/month fee includes a shopping cart, newsletters, catalogs, 500 pages, hosting, support, email, auto-responders and much more.

If you still have not gotten your business online or need a new website for your business, Atomic Shops is very likely the easiest, least expensive business web site solution.


Click Here to Learn More about Atomic Shops and their FREE Trial Offer

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