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Search engine optimization (or "SEO" for short) has become such an important tool for successful web sites that we not only offer search engine optimization services at ComBridges, but we are now "reverse engineering" our web site designs in order to better optimize them for better search engine rankings or placements according to strategically selected keywords.


There are Secrets to Search Engine Optimization... and they are in this software!


WebPosition Gold:
Professional search engine optimization software

This is one tool that we've found indispensable. It is the professional's most comprehensive search engine optimization tool (PC only). It includes guidelines and recommendations for how to best optimize your pages for higher rankings and better placements with the search engines. It has automated submissions for some search engines. It generates position reports for all search engines. And, it coaches and teaches you about the "art and science" of search engine optimization along the way. We recommend it because we use it.

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Other Search Engine Optimization Resources


Dr. EBiz/
As one of his other testimonials states, Dr. EBiz (or Ralph F. Wilson) of is one of the real "good guys" online. More importantly, he is also a great resource for down-to-earth web site marketing information. In particular, if you want to make your search engine optimization work more effective, we recommend his e-book: How to Develop a Landing Page That Closes the Sale. Getting traffic is one thing, and closing the sale is another. You need to do both in order to make money online. Dr. EBiz tells you how. No bull.


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Submitting to search engines *only* is a waste of time...

How to Develop a Landing Page that Closes the Sale

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