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Jon Leland's monthly commentaries on the wired world of Internet video
  The Pomp & Promise of QuickTime TV
An in-depth report on the state of streaming QuickTime 4 including comentary on Apple iCEO Steve Jobs' MacWorld keynote and supported by interviews with execs from Apple, and Akamai
  Multiply Your Compression Ability
Terran Interactive's Media Cleaner Pro has set the standard as the leading software tool for streaming media compression. Now, with version 4, it "does Windows" and is even more impressive.
  Macromedia Innovates Web Media
From the remarkable success of Flash 4 to a new strategic relationship with @Home Networks & more, the 1999 Macromedia Users Conference provided a facinating platform for perspectives on convergence.

RealNetworks Wild Web World

RealJukebox illustrates coming worlds of digital distribution, webcaster LiveontheNet shows a profitable business model, and creates a TV commercial from Flash. Join us for an insight-filled visit to the RealNetworks Conference in San Francisco. 
  The Best is Yet to Come
Comments on the introduction of QuickTime 4, more on the meaning of MP3 and attempts by virtual community pioneer, GeoCities to join the wild world of webcasting, plus a visit to Spring Internet World. 
  Downloading Lives!
Ironically, the coming of more bandwidth has also brought a resurgence of downloading including the QuickTime Star Wars trailer and the MP3 "revolution." More than any other article we've seen, this column tells you how the web site,, really works including their business model.
  New Service Shortcuts for Putting Video Online 
Looking for hands-on advise about how to approach producing video streaming for your company or organization? Here are some critical distinctions that can start you on your way.

QuickTime 3.0 Not-Streaming, But Electrified

QuickTime is such a sophisticated multimedia platform that it has necessitated a new category of software tools in order to access it's latest capabilities. For video producers, Electrifier Pro took the early lead. Here's why.
  Pre-Millennium Milestones
A 1998 year-in-review. Grab a quick overview of the events that made last year the beginning of "critical mass" for the Video Web.
  Microsoft Flexing Its Familiar Muscle
Are the streaming media wars the next big thing after the browser wars? The Redmond boys certainly understands the leverage that comes from "free."
  RealNetwork's New G2 Streaming Standard
The most popular streaming platform on the Web, RealNetworks G2 has set a standard with important innovations including its SureStream "automatic transmission.". Make sure you're up to speed.
  Quicktime 3.0: The Multi-Platform Non-Streaming Streamer
Prior to the announcement of it's streaming version, QuickTime introduced other important new features and capabilities. QuickTime 3 also illuminated the fact that despite the loss of realtime, immediacy, downloading still has advantages.

Making Money Online

It takes more than technology to bring video to the web. Here are some of the most important financial considerations and some of the ripest opportunities. 
Taking Video Online
An essential overview of everything that's shaping the evolving world of online video. Whats' involved in bringing video to the web? What kind of applications are taking shape? And more...
Netcams To Put PC Audience On-The-Air
ZDNet is pioneering the use of webcams to give TV show call-ins a look of their own and to also, hopefully, give the audience a new voice.
Online Broadcasters Become Viable Through Content Aggregation
A cool perspective on, the Pseudo Network and others. 

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