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 Free Online Poker: Why & Where to Play

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Free Online Poker Takes Poker
to a New Level: You Can Learn for Free!


The Best Way to Learn Poker:

Visit a respectable poker site
and play free online poker

I love playing poker, and now that I've discovered the fun of playing online poker, I want to recommend it to you. The best part is that because good online poker sites will let you play for free, there's no better way to learn. It's great experience and free online poker games move fast so you get to see lots of hands.

Ever since I read the wonderful book Positively Fifth Street (if you haven't read it, I HIGHLY recommend it), my passion for poker has been reignited. Like many people, I've been watching the World Series of Poker and Celebrity Poker on TV, but my friends and family games have been too few and far between to give me the experience and confidence that I need to play in money poker games.

Now, not only can you play online poker for free (they call it "demo money") so that you can get the feel, but unlike card rooms and Las Vegas where stakes start at $1/$5 and $3/$6, the online poker rooms like our favorite, Pacific Poker, have games that start at free and then build up gradually... first, penny ante, then "nickel/dime" etc. I've been playing 50 cents/$1 recently. Those are poker stakes that almost anyone can afford, and it's a great poker learning experience!

And, there are fun dynamics that don't exist is live poker games. For example, I like to do things like yell at the other players (who are only animated images on my computer screen), in the privacy of my home. (Of course, this is something that I would or could never do in an "in-person" card room.)

So, if you're looking for the best way to get some great experience playing free online poker, we say "go for it!" To get started, just click here and you'll be automatically directed to a respectable online poker room right now. Try it for yourself, and you'll see why it's such a fun way to learn. It's free, as long as you have a PC (unfortunately, free online poker rooms don't support Macs.) See you there.


NEW! Learn Now with a Free
Interactive Online Poker Tutorial

Here's another recommendation: Pacific Poker provides a truly user friendly free online poker tutorial. If you're new to online poker, this is the easiest introduction that I can imagine to get you started. It will show you exactly how Texas Hold 'Em is played online. Enjoy!

free online poker tutorial
Check Out the Free
Online Poker Tutorial


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