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Clone Golf Clubs | Callaway Golf
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Clone golf clubs are a wonderful way to get a quality golf club with a great guarantee and a wonderfully discounted price. As the saying goes: “Why pay more?” We are pleased and impressed to feature, and here’s why:


Clone golf clubs: A great way to buy

      We’ve been blown away by the amazing value that is being delivered by leading manufacturers of clone golf clubs. From state-of-the-art hybrid clubs to putter designs that are derivative of the hottest putter designs, through a complete array of clone drivers, wedges and irons—as well as complete clone golf club sets for women and kids—these clubs play every bit as well as those from the name manufacturers. You’ve got to check out these club designs to see how good they feel in your hands and how well they play. In fact, probably the best evidence of the quality and amazing value of these inexpensive golf clubs is their consistently enthusiastic customer reviews. Click here and then visit any individual clone golf club model page and click “see customer reviews” in the upper right corner. You’ll see what I mean.

How do clone golf clubs compare?


A Golf Club Clone is similar to the concept of a PC Clone. In the mid-1980's PC Clones were introduced into the personal computer market. Some of them, like Compaq, eventually became Brand Names. But the goal of Clones, in golf, computers and cars is to provide all of the performance features of a big name brand with a better value to the consumer.

Clones are not to be confused with the branded products they may seek to flatter, but they are made from essentially the same materials and design principles, use many of the same shaft and grip suppliers, and perform similar to (or often better than) the name brands.

The important point is that a manufacturer like buys its golf club heads, shafts, and grips from the same small community of golf manufacturing suppliers as the more famous golf club manufacturers. Thus, they provide performance but offer you a BETTER VALUE. To prove it, see what their other customers have to say about them.


Clones with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee stands completely behind their products. In fact, they do so with gusto, and I believe that they sincerely believe that their clone golf clubs are every bit as good as golf clubs from any manufacturer. Botoom line, they guarantee that you will be satisfied with your golf clubs and offer you a 30 day money back guarantee on any standard order, as well as in-store credit towards a future purchase on any customized order. Visit for more details >>

Why Are Brand Name Clubs So Much More Expensive?

      It is simple, really: advertising, overhead, and middlemen. The amount actually spent for research and development by the golf club industry is not nearly as large as the money spent for advertising. The real dollars go toward convincing you to buy the name brand club and paying the middleman to get them into your hands.

Independent surveys show that up to 70% of the retail price of a name brand golf club goes to support the advertising and brand name development. These advertising and brand development costs are legitimate — they provide advertising revenue to the major golf magazines, they provide many millions of dollars of licensing revenue to PGA Tour professionals, they provide even more millions of dollars to the major television networks. The money spent in advertising builds status and peer pressure to buy a name brand. Every advertising dollar spent by the name brand club is targeted to make you feel better (or justified) in paying more money for the brand. Some people raise their self-esteem by buying a name brand club for more money. The customers of, on the other hand, raise their self-esteem by getting the best performance for the best value and knowing their name brand buying friends got a worse deal. ;)



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