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You found it! My favorite part of Media Mall. I love golf and I'm excited to share reviews of my favorite golf books, recommendations on the best ways to buy those new golf clubs that you lust after, deals and reviews of new and used golf equipment, and more. With much more about golf to come. Please send your comments and suggestions.


Better Ways to Buy Golf Clubs

      Sure, you can go pay top dollar for golf clubs at a pro shop, but why? In my opinion, even discount golf club web sites, don't give you as good a deal on golf clubs as these two sites:  

Callaway Golf Preowned Golf Clubs:
top quality reasonably priced

Get the best for less. Now everyone can afford Callaway golf clubs. I like this site because of how easy it is to shop as well as because they let you trade in or trade up. Click here to visit the Callaway Golf Preowned Golf Clubs web site now.
factory direct golf clubs at great prices

Here's what happens when part of the price you pay for your new golf clubs doesn't go to the advertising and the endorsements so that Tiger Woods or some other PGA professional golfer wears that golf equipment manufacturer's logo on their hat. Quality equipment at prices almost anyone can afford, factory direct to you, and backed by a 100% 30 day money back guarantee. Learn more about factory direct golf clubs now.

Reviews of Books Talking About Golf


Golf and Spiritual Awareness Books
Most readers are aware of Michael Murphy's Golf in the Kingdom, but the book, The Legend of Bagger Vance (not the movie!)—for me, at least—was much more inspiring. I've got lot's more spiritual golf book reviews coming "real soon." Please bookmark this page and come back soon, I promise a whole reading list with personal comments.

Golf Tips, Golf Game Improvement, Golf Instruction & General Golf Books
I've got a shelf full of 'em, and I'm delighted to tell you about my favorite golf books and why. Coming soon!


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