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DVD movies have become the fastest growing form of home entertainment ever. With better quality, faster access (no rewinding) and extra features, what's not to like about DVD movies.

I have one, very strong, personal recommendation for DVD movie lovers—or anyone looking for the easiest, cheapest way to get new release DVD movies. From my personal experience, I have come to truly appreciate Intelliflix, an amazingly convenient way to get ALL the DVD movies you want for only $20 per month with no late fees ever! Intelliflix is less expensive than NetFlix and also includes video game rentals and adult rentals! They will even start you out with free DVD movies so you can see how it works.


DVD Movies Delivered, No Late Fees, Huge Inventories, Your Personal Favorites...


It couldn't be easier to check out this great service. Use their free trial offer to get free DVD's via the Intelliflix website-based rental system. They'll mail you three DVD rentals for free just for trying the service. My wife and I did it and we're hooked. Here's why:

Bottom line, video stores are not convenient. In order to rent DVD movies, you have to drive & park, etc.; and, if you don't happen to want to watch what you rented, you have to pay late fees! Pay-per-view cable and satellite channels only over a very limited selection. Intelliflix offers "all you can eat" DVD's and NO LATE FEES. You get 3 DVD movies (or whatever kind of DVD programs you want... they offer—at last count—15,000 titles... about 5 times more than a typical video store), and you can keep the DVD movies that you rent from Intelliflix for as long as you want. As soon as you return one DVD movie in the free shipping envelope, you automatically get the next DVD movie on your personal online rental list. Like I said, it works; Intelliflix is the only national company to offer movies, games, and mature subscription programs. And now you can try it for FREE. (just click this link to get free DVD rentals by trying the Intelliflix service. What have you got to lose?)

DVD movies delivered!


Unlimited Movies $8.25
Intelliflix SuperPass 3 at a time
Free shipping & no late fees…ever!

I offer this link with my strongest personal recommendation. If you want to know more about why I think this is the best way to rent DVD movies, please see below.


The Intelliflix Story: A Revolutionary Way to Deliver DVD Movies, or Why I Bought the Stock...


Some of you may have read my Videography magazine articles and other writing about the revolutions in the world of digital video (see our Digital Video Studio for more). I point this out because I've been writing about the changes in video technology for about 15 years, and I love it when I find something truly innovative that works. While I would have thought that technologies like TiVO would have caught on more quickly as a way to get digital movies to the masses, so far, DVD movies are far bigger.

Clearly the combination of no late fees ever, the convenience of home delivery, the customization of your online list which is used automatically whenever you're ready for another DVD movie, plus the vast inventory of upwards of 15,000 titles have made Intelliflix a succcess.

Something else that I appreciate is the fact that this service also supports the distribution of smaller and independent DVD movies and other programs. For example, for people who love foreign films, independent movies, or old classics that might be crowded out of the limited space on the shelves of video stores, Intelliflix is a godsend. Just about any movie you want to see, Intelliflix has it. All you have to do is add it to your online list, and it's yours for as long as you like. Thanks, Intelliflix, for doing DVD movies right. ;) Please click here to learn more or to try Intelliflix for free.



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