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 Digital Cameras Reviews: Dig Our Discounts Before You Buy

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Digital cameras, or "digi-cams" as we like to call them, have already revolutionized photography; and, like all things electronic, they just keep getting better and less expensive. This section of Media Mall is just getting started. We promise that there are many more reviews, comparisons and discount offers coming very soon. So please, stay tuned by bookmarking this page.


Why I Bought a Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera


Canon Powershot S45 Digital CameraTo be honest, for me, it came down to a decision between a Canon like the one above and the Nikon Coolpix. I went with the Coolpix because I really liked the swivel structure which means that you can turn the lens around and take a picture of yourself (I've done it. It works), or stick your arms up straight and shoot over a crowd while still being able to frame the shot. Same thing for getting down on the floor for a very low angle without having to put your face to the ground.

Both are very good cameras with otherwise comparable features (although I believe that the close-up feature on the Nikon Coolpix may also be better).

We're on deadline to get this new version of the site launched, so please excuse me for being brief, but here's a Coolpix link if you want to learn more:




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