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Media Mall has been around since the earliest days of the Web. 1995 to be exact. It was and is a labor of love by writer, producer, creative director, and digital media pioneer, Jon Leland. That's me.

I even remember when I was first creating Media Mall, I got a threatening email from one of the early Internet purists pleading with me not to "commercialize" the Web. I tried to explain to him that there was nothing that either he or I could do to stop that.

The reason that I put "Mall" in the name is not only because I envisioned this site as a kind of commercial "hub," but also because I recognized that malls have become a sort of community "hub" and I craved the creation of my own virtual community.

Also, I wanted a place where I could offer my articles and "words of wisdom," and where, hopefully, I will attract fellow "netizens" who would partner with me in making this a vibrant online "space." For this reason, I am deeply grateful to Dr. Mac (Bob LeVitus) for being such a committed virtual partner.

During the early 21st Century, following a failed attempt to make this site an online multimedia catalog, Media Mall was somewhat static. I was building my web site design and online marketing business; and, frankly, Media Mall was not able to support itself.

Now, you are visiting the re-launched "2004" version of this site (which went "live" on October 5th, 2003). This version hopes to support itself through affiliate marketing (which is the commissions that we can earn when you click and buy something from one of our advertisers.)

Thanks for visiting and for your support. I look forward to your feedback and suggestions. And, I hope to see you here again soon. ;)

Jon Leland    



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